Work in Progress: My Notes on Ketosis and Brain Function

I’ve heard much talk about the benefits of ketosis for brain health and function. I will be publicly recording my notes and thoughts on the subject here. Please keep in mind these are just my notes, not a source of authority of any kind.

What is Ketosis

Ketosis is when the body switches from using glucose as the fuel cells run off of to producing ketones for cells to use as fuel. When the body runs low on glucose, the primary fuel used by the mitochondria for cellular energy, the liver kicks up ketone production.

How ketones are produced

Fat is released from cells all around the body and transported to the liver. The liver takes fatty acids and derives ketones.


When the body has a normal level of glucose the liver produces a very negligible amount of ketones.

Source: <Link scientific source on ketone production>

Source: University of California

Three types of fuel for cells




Are Ketones better fuels than Glucose?




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