Périgord France, steeped in ancient history, full of haunted castles and enchanted forests.

I often listen to instrumental music while working. While listening to a Dungeon Synth playlist, a particular favorite genre for working to, I came across an album called Patrim_ò_ni by ElixiR. Reading the comments I found out the whole album was dedicated to a South Western region of France called Périgord. Hear about the castles, knights, ghosts very much peaked my interested so I am using this as an excuse to lean more about this region.


Castles, Knights, and Such

There are over 1,000 castles in the region. That works out to about 1 castle per 415 people, a pretty good ratio.

Here is an interactive map of castles and Châteaus in the area, many of which are open for public visits.

Where is Périgord France

Périgord France shown inside of France

Périgord is today the modern province of Dordogne in the South West of France.

There are 4 regions of Périgord:

Perigord region shown in map of france

Map of the 4 territories of the Périgord.

Green Périgord

Green contains the natural reserve.

Purple Périgord

This region is purple due to containing most of the wine.

White Périgord

The capitol city of Périgord, Périgueux, is located in this region.

Monbazillac Castle in Périgord, France

Monbazillac Castle - Photo by Benjamin Ballande

Cathedrale Saint Front in Perigueux

Byzantine Style Saint Front Cathedral - Photo by Paul Abadie

Byzantine Style Saint Front Cathedral

Photos of Périgueux

Périgueux is over 2 millennia old, originally settled by Gauls, then conquered and re-founded by the Romans in 16 AD.

Read more about Périgueux here.

Black Périgord

Black Périgord container most of the castles and interesting historical sites.

If I got anything wrong or missing anything please leave a comment to let me know.