What You Need to Know About VPS on AWS

vps on AWS

Learn all you need to know about getting a VPS on AWS and get your first 3 months or 1 year free! Does AWS offer VPS? First lets answer this question, does AWS offer VPS? Yes! AWS does offer VPS via a service called Lightsail. Amazon Lightsail is a managed VPS service which provides you … Read more

AWS VPS Hosting Price💲 – The Definitive Guide [2023] – 3 Months free!

aws vps server pricing

What is the AWS VPS hosting price? If you are coming to AWS from traditional VPS Server hosting you might be a bit confused since there is no service called VPS. Amazon Lightsail and EC2 are the VPS like services, both of these will give you a private virtual machine you own. EC2 is more … Read more

Optimizing for a Cloud-Native Developer Experience

Micro feedback loops

Learn why and how focusing on developer experience and mirco feedback loops will speed up your development process and help you to create a better product. Cross Post from: www.drewkhoury.com Optimizing for a Cloud-Native Developer Experience – Presentation Chris and Drew share their combined knowledge around developer experience, why (micro) feedback loops matter a whole … Read more

Quickly fix botocore.exceptions.noregionerror: you must specify a region.

Quickly diagnose and fix the botocore.exceptions.noregionerror: you must specify a region error. The fix is you must specify a region. The quickest fix is to open your ~/.aws/config and add region=us-east-1 to the [default] profile. There are more details and several other ways to specify a region at the bottom of this article in the … Read more

AWS SAM in a Docker Container

AWS SAM in a Docker Container

If you’ve worked on even one Lambda function then you know that development without local testing can be slow. In this article we will go over using AWS SAM to startup an API on port 3000 with API Gateway and Lambda locally inside of a docker container nested inside another Docker container running AWS SAM … Read more

Make your Life Easier by Running AWS CDK in a Docker Container

Three Musketeers and AWS CDK

Cross post from MediumTags: CDK, 3 Musketeers, AWSThis is an example of AWS CDK in a docker container following the 3 Musketeers pattern. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/chrishart0/aws-cdk-typescript-3-musketeers What Is This 3 Musketeers Thing Anyway and Why Would I Want to Do Such a Thing as to Containerize the AWS CDK? Links: There are a host of benefits … Read more

How to Increase Your Python Aws Cdk Lambda Development Speed by Testing Locally with AWS SAM

Install AWS SAM CLI on Linux

Cross-post from: MediumThis article explains how to locally test, with AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model), a Lambda function + API Gateway created with AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit). Python AWS CDK and SAM are a match made in heaven, or at least a match made in the cloud. This example uses the AWS CDK in Python. Using … Read more