Professionally I am a DevOps Consultant.

Projects and websites I have developed outside of work:


My personal blog.

A web app I am currently developing with a close friend. It is intended to help performance vehicle owners compare and select the correct aftermarket exhaust components for their vehicle.

A security tool I built and maintain with a friend. Signet Seal’s functions as an encryption layer above your existing chat clients. Send encrypted messages over any communications medium.

The Local Egg – Farmers Market Finder

A demo app aggregating local farmers markets displayed on a map.

GSD AWS CDK Serverless Example

An example / template project for building 3 tier AWS Serverless apps with a focus on local developer experience.

An e-commerce site I built with a friend for someone we know.


Optimizing for Developer Experience in a Cloud Native World

My piece starts at 31:58 but the whole talk is worth a listen.

Thought Leadership Articles

You Are Using Story Points Wrong: How to Make Story Points Suck Less

Amongst people in the software industry there is a lot of confusion around story points. This blog is my summary of the opinions of great minds on the topic of story points with some of my own opinions thrown in as well.

Increase your AWS CDK Lambda development speed by testing locally with AWS SAM

This article explains how to locally test, with AWS SAM(Serverless Application Model), a Lambda function + API Gateway created with AWS CDK(Cloud Development Kit).