Install python 3.8 on Ubuntu

Sometimes you need a particular version of python, in this guide we will go over how to install python 3.8 on Ubuntu or any other specific version of Python on Ununtu. First install the prerequisites Add the official source for python to your sources list Run the python 3.8 install command Verify python 3.8 is … Read more

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘distutils.cmd’ [Fix ✔️]

I got this error today with AWS SAM: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘distutils.cmd’, here is how I fixed it. Keep reading below for more details. Quick Fix for ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘distutils.cmd’ The issue for me was pip, which comes with distutils, wasn’t installed for python 3.9, which is what AWS SAM was trying … Read more

aws:asset:path – Guide to using aws:asset:path in CloudFormation

aws:asset:path with AWS SAM in CloudFormation

aws:asset:path is a type of metadata which can be configured in CloudFromation for a Lambda function. Below are my notes on how to use it, specifically for use with AWS SAM directly with standard CloudFormation. Use aws:asset:path to specify the location of code for Lambda Function in CloudFormation for use with SAM. Using SAM with … Read more

AWS SAM samcli.commands.exceptions.UserException: [WinError 145] The directory is not empty

samcli.commands.exceptions.UserException: WinError 145] The directory is not empty

How to fix the AWS SAM error samcli.commands.exceptions.UserException: NodejsNpmBuilder:MoveDependencies – [WinError 145] The directory is not empty I’ve been seeing this error intermittently for some time. It comes intermittent. Fix for [WinError 145] The directory is not empty Just delete the .aws-sam directory whenever this error occurs or ignore it. If you run the command … Read more

Notes on SAM Sync for Faster Serverless Development

AWS SAM faster Development for Lambda

Why is my development process slow? When developing the developer must have fast feedback loops. The fast feedback loop is absolutely critical to getting work done in a productive manner. If you’ve ever said to yourself that Lambda development feels slow to you then you’ve experienced the effect of slow feedback loops. In this guide … Read more

[✅Solved] release upgrade aborted: failed to downgrade packages

Release upgrade status: release upgrade aborted: failed to downgrade packages

When trying to upgrade a Pop_OS machine with sudo pop-upgrade release upgrade I ran into the following error: Release upgrade status: release upgrade aborted: failed to downgrade packages Fix release upgrade aborted: failed to downgrade packages In order to fix the failed to downgrade packages error you’re going to have to upgrade manually by switching … Read more

[2022] ✍️ Top 5 Best Headless CMS

I needed to select the best headless CMS for a small project I am working on and I found no other good articles on the best headless CMS. Read on for my comparison of all the top headless CMS offerings. What Is a Headless CMS? A headless CMS is a tool for managing content for … Read more

Does AWS provide VPS? Yes, and You Can Get One For Free!

Does AWS provide VPS?

Does AWS provide VPS? Does AWS provide VPS? The answer is yes, they most certainly do! Amazon Lightsail and Amazon EC2 are the VPS services. What Are the VPS Services AWS Provides? Lightsail and EC2 are the primary services you can think of as AWS VPS. Amazon Lightsail AWS does provide VPS with the Amazon … Read more