My Remote Worker / Digital Nomad Kit

Heads up, some of these links are Amazon affiliate marking links to help fund my blog.


Antlion Bluetooth Wireless Mic

I love this wireless mic. It attaches to my headset with a strong magnet and has excellent audio. It’s got a switch for omni-directional or unidirectional audio which helps a lot with cutting out background noise. Below I’ve listed the wireless and wired variants.

Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth Headset

I bought this headset refurbished years ago and it has held up well. It doesn’t look like they make my model any more so I’ve linked a newer varient of it.

Jabra Elite 85t Wireless Earbuds

Great for when I don’t want bulky over ear headphones, I love that these can pair to two devices at once. I use these mostly when not in meetings or when taking meetings from my phone. Sadly, using the audio out and mic at the same time on Linux doesn’t work very well. Works great when paired to my phone though.


I sometimes use this to test my audio setup just to make sure everything sounds good, especially if I am in an office with background noise.


Thinkpad x1 Carbon

This is the best laptop I’ve ever owned. It’s just the right size, light, has great spec, runs Linux great out of the box, and has excellent battery life even on Linux.

This definitely has the best keyboard of any modern laptop I have used. The only downside I can think of is the audio, but I’ve got headphones and a Bluetooth speaker for that.


Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Believe it or not, this works well with Ubuntu. There are probably better keyboards out there but I have this one leftover from a previous company that issued me a Mac.

MX Master 3 Mouse

I love this mouse. If you’ve never considered buying a fancy mouse you really should. It works anywhere and can sync to 3 machines at once. If you’re synced to two machines and have their proprietary software installed you can even drag files between the computers. The MX Master buttons feel great, I wouldn’t want to live without the forward and back or the side scroller anymore. There’s also the thumb pad which is programmable but I don’t actually use it very often. I

can’t state enough how nice all the buttons on this mouse feel. It’s definitely a quality product.

I like it so much I’ve got 2. One MX Master 2, which I got in 2018, and an MX Master 3 which I got so I could have a separate one to leave at the office, back when offices were still a thing.

Nextstand Laptop Stand

Tired of craning your neck looking down at a laptop on a desk? A portable laptop stand is how I fix that. I’ve had the Nextstand for years and it has held up well.


Osprey 2 in 1

I love this thing. Its gotten at least 365 days of travel use since I bought it in 2018 and just held up extremely well. I can’t recommend it enough.

The day pack unzips from the main bag. It’s the perfect combo for anyone working and traveling.


Kobo E Reader

Calibre Software

Other Notes

USB-C is a game changer. Having all my devices charged on the same cable is awesome. My phone, laptops, mouse, and earbuds can all use the same cable and everything gets ultra fast charging.