Quickly fix botocore.exceptions.noregionerror: you must specify a region.

Quickly diagnose and fix the botocore.exceptions.noregionerror: you must specify a region error. The fix is you must specify a region. The quickest fix is to open your ~/.aws/config and add region=us-east-1 to the [default] profile. There are more details and several other ways to specify a region at the bottom of this article in the … Read more

AWS SAM in a Docker Container

AWS SAM in a Docker Container

If you’ve worked on even one Lambda function then you know that development without local testing can be slow. In this article we will go over using AWS SAM to startup an API on port 3000 with API Gateway and Lambda locally inside of a docker container nested inside another Docker container running AWS SAM … Read more

Make your Life Easier by Running AWS CDK in a Docker Container

Three Musketeers and AWS CDK

Cross post from MediumTags: CDK, 3 Musketeers, AWSThis is an example of AWS CDK in a docker container following the 3 Musketeers pattern. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/chrishart0/aws-cdk-typescript-3-musketeers What Is This 3 Musketeers Thing Anyway and Why Would I Want to Do Such a Thing as to Containerize the AWS CDK? Links: There are a host of benefits … Read more

How to Increase Your Python Aws Cdk Lambda Development Speed by Testing Locally with AWS SAM

Install AWS SAM CLI on Linux

Cross-post from: MediumThis article explains how to locally test, with AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model), a Lambda function + API Gateway created with AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit). Python AWS CDK and SAM are a match made in heaven, or at least a match made in the cloud. This example uses the AWS CDK in Python. Using … Read more

CloudFront 494 Error – Quick Fix

494 error

My team ran into a 494 error earlier this week coming out of CloudFront. The first few files requested from CloudFront would be successful, then we would hit the 494 error and most requests after that, but not all, would fail. The first place we looked was CloudFront logs, but these 494 requests weren’t getting … Read more

Learning the AWS CDK

CloudFormation written in Python? Yes! After using the CDK for a bit, I believe it will be replacing CloudFormation for most AWS IaC in the coming years. The CDK is a layer of abstraction built on top of CloudFormation(CF). It allows you to write a condensed, but more powerful form of CF in one of … Read more