AWS Amplify Fix: A deployment is in progress

In this help article I’ll show you in this article how to quickly fix the error in AWS Amplify A deployment is in progress. Here’s the summary. There are two reasons this may occur. 1: something went wrong while running an amplify push, your terminal disconnected and the deployment-state.json file got left in the wrong state. The deployment is actually still in progress, go check the Console to see the status in CloudFormation.

A deployment is in progress.

The full error:

You get this error from running some variant of amplify push, amplify rebuild, etc.

πŸ›‘ A deployment is in progress.
πŸ›‘ If the prior rollback was aborted, run:
πŸ›‘ "amplify push --iterative-rollback" to rollback the prior deployment
πŸ›‘ "amplify push --force" to re-deploy

Running amplify rebuild gave this error

πŸ›‘ Cannot iteratively rollback as the following step does not contain a previousMetaKey: {"status":"DEPLOYING"}

None of the suggested commands in the error actually worked.

First, verify your deployment actually isn’t still in progress

Open up the amplify console by running amplify console and selecting AWS console as shown below.

amplify console command

Verify that the backend deployment is in a completed state, not still in progress.

Validate a deployment is in progress error isn't acurate.

Now that you’ve ruled out A deployment is in progress, lets fix the issue.

Why does this happen?

The issue is amplify creates a file called deployment-state.json which maintains the state of the deployment in the deployment S3 bucket. This file needs to be deleted so that next time you run amplify push it gets closed.

Fix the error: A deployment is in progress.

1: Locate the deployment bucket

Find the name of the deployment bucket. You’ll find it in the file amplify/team-provider-info.json as the parameter DeploymentBucketName.

2: Navigate to the deployment bucket

Open the S3 console( and navigate to the deployment bucket you found in the previous step.

3: Delete the bad deployment-state.json file

Locate and delete the deployment-state.json file.

4: Run a new deploy, successfully.

Rerun your amplify deploy command and it should be successful.

amplify error A deployment is in progress is fixed
My deploy kicked off after following the above steps

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